Nea Silver Earrings | Nea Aretes Plata

$ 2,875.00

“For a longer than I can recall I built my sense of value around others, with the promise of feeling fulfilled and loved. But over time I realized that what you think of yourself is more important than what others think. That it is more important to build on your time, arrive on your terms or destroy as you wish and say goodbye to what no longer nourishes you. Because even if you fall, life’s bumps and blows hug you in their own way. I learned to always go with my heart ahead and without losing sight of myself.” Nea

Additional information

Additional information


High temperature ceramics
Sterling Silver


This piece is inspired by the tireless pursuit of self-love. We translated this into this heart-shaped statement earrings with a ceramic detail, hoping that when you look yourself in the mirror and feel the weight of this accessory you will always remember with pride that your value as a woman is within yourself.

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