Marisa Experience Necklace | Marisa Collar Experiencia

$ 6,870.00

Once upon a peaceful June’s morning, I felt something extraordinary was about to happen. The sky was preparing to announce the arrival of a special little person. Suddenly, the thunders began to sound like welcoming trumpets escorted by lightings that resembled fireworks, the rain began to fall with disconcerting intensity and between all the rampage you came into my life as the best birthday present a mother could ever desire.” Marisa

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Additional information


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High temperature ceramics
Sterling silver


This is a piece that the user has to break in order to use. Once the piece is broken, it is placed on the neck joining the two ends through 2 magnets, and thus forming a "circle". This represents a mother's bond with her son, which somehow has to be broken to inevitably rejoin forever. It is an extraordinary piece to be playful and have the element of surprise break.