Caro Silver Necklace | Caro Plata Collar

$ 3,350.00

“It was the most beautiful night of the year, the sky was completely clear and the moon was full. We where in a cruise with three thousand people on board, literally, in the middle of nowhere. For some reason, we suddenly found ourselves on the deck of the ship. With nobody but the ocean’s immensity surrounding us, and a bright moon shining over our faces like it was the brightest light of the summer sun. Time stopped and no one but us existed. Without thinking it twice, the love of my life and I embraced each other. Without saying a word, we danced under the light of the stars…” Caro

Additional information

Additional information


High temperature ceramic
Sterling silver
1mm crystal


The piece is an abstraction of the stars, the night sky and the milky way. On the back, as if dancing under the stars, is this phrase recorded.