Bloque 6 Silver Necklace | Bloque 6 Collar Plata

$ 2,499.00

“We both studied Industrial Design at the same university. It was not until our exchange program in Copenhagen, two years, and a long flight later, when we finally met each other. It was exactly in “Bloque 6” where our stories crossed. Neighbors, friends, colleagues, and some years later, business partners. You never know when life will introduce you to someone new to share your stories with.” Angela y Andrea

Additional information

Additional information


High temperature ceramics
Sterling Silver
Length: 44cm
*This necklace has auto adjustable lengths at 40, 42 and 44cm.


A block/cube is the symbol of our story, and it is inspired by both the name “Bloque” and the essence of modesty and simplicity of the brand. It is our “beginning story” and around which many more will revolve. It symbolizes starts, in our particular case the start of a friendship and our business.