Belen Gold Plated Earrings | Belén Aretes Dorado

$ 3,750.00

“My friends and I decided to take a cruise, we planned the trip for months and were really excited about it. The long-awaited day arrived. We went to sleep thinking we would wake up in Venice, but we did not. At 4am the alarm bells started to ring. The engine room was set on fire! All day long we stood up on the deck in the middle of nowhere with our life vests on. At that moment, we were really scared and did not understand what was going on. Today we laugh about it, and it has become another adventure that my friends and I will share forever.” Belen

Additional information

Additional information


High temperature ceramics
Sterling Silver
24k Gold Plating


Representation of the swim sleeves that the five adventurous friends from the story wore that night. The sleeves were a symbol of security and faith, as well as this jewelry piece.