Alexis Gold Plated Necklace | Alexis Collar Dorado

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“I would like to start my story in a classic way: “It was a beautiful and sunny spring afternoon…” but to be honest, I do not remember. I do not blame myself for forgetting, I did not even notice. Who would have cared about those little details having this perfect being in front of me. No one would be so fool to take their eyes away from such beautiful image. She was sitting in the most perfect and natural way. My head was spinning; chills were all over my body. I instantly knew I would never meet someone like her. No words were needed to know she was perfect for me. Although this story does not end with a “happily ever after”, it does end with a memory that will always make me feel delighted.” Alexis

Additional information

Additional information


High temperature ceramics
Sterling Silver
24k Gold Plating
1mm etched crystal
Length: 44cm
*This necklace has auto adjustable lengths at 40, 42 and 44cm.


This piece represents the serenity of the girl, whom he describes sitting as the glass lies sitting on the ceramic. It is a pure and clean design, just like the love that is described.

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