Preguntas Frecuentes

Why ceramics?

Ceramics is a material with an extremely important historic and symbolic content. The first registered appearance of the ceramics is from Neolithic period, around the year 6.400 BC. It is precisely humanity’s most antique industry.

With a tremendous resistance to rust, combustion and erosion, it is one of the most highly durable materials. Though a great hardness and resistance characterizes it, ceramics fragility works as a reminder to encourage a conscious consumption for users.

BLOQUE 6® is specialized in high-temperature burning, 9th cone, strengthening the qualities of ceramics and making it highly resistant. Thereby, why merged with aesthetic beauty and elegance, ceramics are the best story keeper BLOQUE 6® could have chosen to preserve memories.

Which is the expected lifetime of my product?

Ceramics fragility depends on its firing temperature. BLOQUE 6® items are burned in high temperature, from 1200ºC onwards, conferring more strength to the material. The formulas of the BLOQUE 6® ceramic paste have been designed to, in addition with the firing temperature, increase the resistance of the piece.


Ceramics, although fragile, will not corrode or rust, this is why a BLOQUE 6® item properly maintained can pass from one generation to another in perfect conditions. Ceramics allow us to propose awareness, making emphasis in the correct care of our possessions and facing wasteful consumption.

If it falls, does it break?

BLOQUE 6® ceramics items should be handled with care taking safety precautions to length its useful product life. A broken ceramic piece will might depend on the coup, the fall or the item itself. There are pieces that because of their shape will never be broken and others more fragile.


BLOQUE 6® makes you available maintenance services when it comes to wear out due to normal usage, repairs and replacements of gold plated, ceramics, textile, leather, and other used materials. The cost of these services will be determined by our Evaluation Center.

Do all pieces have warranty?

All BLOQUE 6® products are guaranteed for 6 months from the date of the purchase against any manufacturing defect or malfunction of their parts. Guarantee will not be applicable to products that according our Evaluation Center have been misused.

Are pieces heavy?

The ergonomic design of each item ensures a comfortable weight of the piece for the client´s use.

Which metals do you work with?

100% of the metal used for the assembly and the creation of  our pieces is Mexican silver .925. Additionally, each of our pieces has an outer surface of pure silver or gold plated 24k.


BLOQUE 6® encourage the used of Mexican materials and manpower.

How can I clean my piece?

Oxidation is an innate quality of silver, if it is not cleaned constantly, oxidation spots will appear on it. However, with the following recommendations the pieces can be completely free of stains:


In order to retain BLOQUE 6® silver pieces free of oxides, it is important to keep them in its original packaging. This will isolate them from contaminating environments and provide a dark place where it will be better preserved. It is advisable not to put it in contact with other metals, creams, perfumes, or submerge it in salt water.

For maintenance we recommend using non-abrasive liquid cleaners. It is not convenient to leave the piece exposed with the cleaner for a long time. It should be immersed and removed immediately, washed with water and mild soap. Finally, dry perfectly.


Frequently cleaning is required with the silver to maintain it in good conditions. Thereby cloths and special solutions for the silver cleaning and they are widely available.

The cleaning service doesn’t have cost. Depending of the dirty conditions of the item, this could be cleaning while waiting in our store, where we have cleaning personal specialized, or it will be sent to our cleanup center at the workshops.


As for ceramics pieces, they will not require more cleaning care than carefully carving with a dry or damp cloth if it becomes dirty.


Our cleaning service is free. In order to enjoy this benefit you must schedule an appointment through