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BLOQUE 6® celebrates the genuine desire of making real stories transcend by capturing them in fine jewelry.


BLOQUE 6® is a Mexican brand characterized by its exquisite handcrafted work at the forefront of innovation. We incorporate high-temperature ceramics with Sterling Silver to create unique high quality design pieces. BLOQUE 6® works with local resources to dignify Mexican hand-crafting and design. All together we create Ceramic Memories.


Ángela & Andrea | History

The designers and cofounders, Ángela Molinero and Andrea Silis, met each other at the 6th block (Bloque 6) of their student residence, during their exchange program, in Copenhagen, Denmark. They built a strong friendship, which lead them to their next adventure: Florence. A year later, in Italy, they discovered a shared passion for the jewelry world. Being both industrial designers, they wanted to go further and innovate. Delighted by the nobility of clay, they created their first line of jewelry incorporating Sterling Silver to ceramics.

“We wanted to preserve the memories that had framed our story as friends and designers into something meaningful and transcendent: BLOQUE 6®”. With the same motivation, they promise to safeguard the Customers most cherished stories in jewelry that expresses each of their individuality and identity.

BLOQUE 6® was officially launched on the 8th of September, 2016 and opened its first boutique in Taxco, Guerrero along with their very own ceramic and silver Workshop.

Till now, Ángela y Andrea, have won two national awards. In 2016, they were recognized as Best Entrepreneur Designer and won an Honorary Mention in Fashion Jewelry by Diseña México. In 2017, the “Marisa” piece ranked third place by the 9na Bienal Nacional de Diseño.

BLOQUE 6® has been part of the most important design fairs such as La Lonja MX, El Abierto Mexicano de Diseño and Design Week. The brand’s pieces had been portrayed in TV, magazines, and blogs like E! Entertainment Television, Elle, Harper´s Bazaar, LOfficiel, Marieclaire, Grazia, Reforma Moda, RSVP Excelsior, among others.


BLOQUE 6® has also exhibited collections in museums, Museo Franz Mayer and Museo Mexicano de Diseño MUMEDI. They represented México with one of a kind bracelet exposed in the premier of Wonder Woman in México.


In 2018 the brand had its first appearance in Mercedez Fashion Week México in collaboration with Lydia Lavín.


High-temperature ceramics

“The perfect ally to preserve our stories.”

Humanity’s most antique industry is precisely ceramics. With a tremendous resistance to rust, combustion and erosion, it is one of the most highly durable materials. Though a great hardness and resistance characterizes it, ceramics fragility works as a reminder to encourage a conscious consumption for users.

BLOQUE 6® is specialized in high-temperature burning, 9th cone, strengthening the qualities of ceramics and making it highly resistant. Thereby, ceramics are the best story keeper BLOQUE 6® could have chosen to preserve memories.


Mexican silver

“México: largest producer of silver”.

Mexico is well known by the richness of its soil and when it comes to silver, it is the world´s leading producer. Mexico holds the whitest, brightest and most malleable of all metals in its purest state. Coming from Zacatecas, we combine pure silver granules into at least the 925 Sterling Silver proportions, sometimes even finest blends, to obtain the ideal malleability that surrounds ceramics.


BLOQUE 6® Workshop

Based in Taxco, Guerrero, one of the oldest mining towns in America. Taxco supplied Europe with silver since the early 1500s. Later on, during the 1900s it emerged as the cradle of Mexican silversmithing. Nowadays, the knowledge of the oldest manipulation techniques lies in Taxco’s artisans’ communities with the best handcrafting in the country.


BLOQUE 6® workshop merges, in the same location, both crafts: silversmithing and ceramics.

  • Artisans and vanguard designs work collaboratively with traditional Mexican techniques.
  • Our processes work with an electrical system to reduce the process’ carbon footprint.
  • We incorporate new technologies to obtain the unique pieces that innovation plus handicrafts might offer.

Each of BLOQUE 6® pieces are the outcome of a detailed artisan elaboration process achieving a high quality product.


Philosophy & Vision

Think global, act local. Through each of our products we aim to demonstrate Mexican high quality design. We are committed to offer high quality design products, to dignify handicraft processes and above all conscious consumption.

BLOQUE 6® vision is to be a world leader brand in jewelry storytelling as a result of the top innovation in ceramics and silver, celebrating Mexican artisan work and design.

Andrea Silis

Analítica. Estratégica. Determinada.

Ángela Molinero

Auténtica. Energética. Creativa.

Memorias en Cerámica

Cada una de las piezas de BLOQUE 6® es resultado de un minucioso proceso artesanal en cerámica de alta temperatura complementada con plata .925 y baños en oro de 18k.

La cerámica es frágil pero a la vez es uno de los materiales más perdurables, durará tanto como tú lo permitas. Todas las piezas se han inspirado en historias reales que buscan entrelazarse con los recuerdos de quien la compre. Esperamos que cada una de ellas forme parte de nuevas memorias.

Nuestra Filosofía

Creemos firmemente en pensar global, actuar local. A través del diseño de nuestras piezas buscamos reflejar que la calidad y vanguardia en México está a la altura de cualquier lugar del mundo. Estamos comprometidas con el diseño de alta calidad, el valor de los procesos artesanales, pero sobre todo con la sustentabilidad y el consumo consciente.

Es por ello que nuestras piezas están hechas por manos mexicanas y con materiales del país.

Bloque 6


Plazuela de Bernal #3, local 5, colonia Centro,

CP 40200, Taxco, Guerrero.

T: + 52 1 (55) 6695 2204